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Come May 1st, Kahl & Partners takes the reins of Mavic, one of cycling’s most iconic brands.  With a heritage dating back to 1889, Mavic has been at the forefront of cycling for well over a century.  From their expansive line of rider gear and equipment, to their unmistakable presence supporting the pro peloton, Mavic’s commitment to cycling has never been stronger. 

The timing of this new partnership comes inline with the launch of an exciting new product, The Cosmic Carbon 40 C.   This new carbon clincher is the first of its kind being aero, light and safe.  That is a trifecta not historically associated with this category of product.  Three years of development has led to a unique design addressing the issue of heat buildup, the single biggest enemy to a carbon clincher.  After all, when bombing down a descent at 60mph, the last thing you should have to worry about is heat related failures.  Another safety feature is braking in the wet.  Carbon is notoriously bad at doing so, but Mavic has produced a product that stops in half the distance of the competition. 

Our in the field team of George Knaggs, Dave Klopp and Kari Kotoff will be supported by Doug Kahl and Travis Rosen as they cover the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

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