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I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin in a town called Racine, best known for Johnson Wax and not the outdoors. My parents did a great job instilling an appreciation for the outdoors and encouraged my brother and I to spend as much time in it as we could.  Growing up in Wisconsin I discovered cycling as a way to adventure and later as a training tool for soccer. Not only did it enable me to travel, but gave me a job opportunity later in life.

After college I saw my Dad being phased out of a job he wasn’t thrilled with and I decided to do something I really did. I moved to Minneapolis and got my start with an amazing shop and discovered the outdoor industry was for me. Move ahead about twenty years and I am still blessed to be in the industry I love, but even better doing so in Colorado. I really enjoy seeing people get excited about the outdoors and whatever activity they chose, and helping them enjoy it more is extremely gratifying.

When I’m not at work I enjoy the outdoors and still love soccer. I’m reacquainting myself with fishing (or in my case just getting line wet). I love hearing what my nieces and nephews are up to and hoping they follow the families footsteps in soccer and cycling. 



I was raised and lived in small Maine costal towns until Kim and I met and moved to Utah in 1998.  We were expecting to be ski bums for 1 winter then move back to Maine.  A good friend talked us into staying the next summer.   Here we are….

I grew up enjoying the outdoors and have always spent my time pursuing any outdoor adventure I could find: sailing, golf, any kind of paddling (from canoeing to whitewater), any kind of sliding on snow and mountain biking.  I’m not big on TV.

I always felt that working in a fun environment was best for me.  So here I am at K&P.   I work with products that I use and with people that have the same interests as I do.

On winter weekends you will find me with "family" in the backcountry or a local ski hill.  On summer weekends you can find me on one of the Park City trails or local rivers.

I also enjoy brewing beer (while enjoying several), my dogs, my family, my friends and my lovely wife.....maybe not in that order.



Born in Ann Arbor Michigan, I came to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado.  I have lived in Colorado longer than anywhere else.  I think of Louisville, CO as my hometown, where I live with my wife, Kiki, my daughter Heidi, two black lab’s; LuLu & Kitty, and Mary the cat.

My outdoor activities started with skiing when I was three and include hiking, sailing, water sports, and mountain biking.  Bicycle road racing became my passion after college.  While I don’t have the time to race much these days I still enjoy a good bike ride with friends and coworkers.

I started working in the retail side of the sporting goods industry while attending college. For several years, I worked in Bicycle Retail as a manager and buyer.  One of those stores happened to be where Travis was the “shop rat”.  From then, I moved into my career as a road warrior (aka Sales Rep).


I was born and raised in just outside of Seattle, Washington in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. I grew up appreciating the outdoors and everything that the Pacific Northwest’s mountains and coastline has to offer.  I enjoy skiing, cycling, sea kayaking, photography, camping in any season, good coffee, wine, and beer.

I started working in the outdoor industry while in college at the University of Washington in Seattle, beginning my car rack carrier at a rack specialty store.  Since then I have worked in outdoor/rack retail, as an outside rep for a number of products in the outdoor and sporting industry, and as an in-house territory manager for Thule.  I’m excited to now be a part of the Kahl and Partner’s team.  I’m at home in the outdoor industry and love being a part of it.

When I am not working, you can find me spending time with my family.  My wife and I like to travel and see as much of the world as possible.  Now that we have two amazing little kids our favorite past time is doing our best to show them the outdoors and all that the world has to offer.