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I am blessed to have been born, raised and spent most of my life in and around Salt Lake City.  I’ve had stops in Southern California, Northern California and Alaska but Salt Lake always calls me back.  I think Salt Lake is the best city in the world (I do recognize my bias.)  Where else can you find “big city” life with access to the mountains like this?

I grew up traveling and camping across the US with my family and have been to almost every state.  We stopped at every national park and American historical site we could.  It was those trips that taught me to love and respect nature and the world we live. 

I graduated from Utah Valley University in 2007 where I majored in Outdoor Recreation Management.  During school I fell in love with rock climbing after taking a climbing class on a whim.  After that class I changed my major to outdoor recreation management and the rest is history. 

When people ask me what my favorite outdoor activity is I used to struggle to come up with an answer feeling like I had to choose between two of my children (of which I have none).  It used to be rock climbing 1 and mountain biking 2.  But in recent years bikes have taken over.

These days I spend most of my time on one of my bikes (All Mountain, Mtn. Race, Road, Cyclocross soon).  I’ve started endurance racing this year and have been surprised by the fun I’ve been having.  In the winter you’ll find me in the Wasatch back country or skiing at Alta and the Bird.  I started as a snowboarder years ago but one day I scored some free junky old skis and thought I’d give it a try.  I’m still a little upset that I didn’t start out as a skier.

I’m up for just about anything outside; backpacking, whitewater, skiing, boarding, hiking etc. If I’m not playing outside I’m planning the next trip, playing the guitar, playing with my nieces and nephews, trying out what I saw on the Do It Yourself network, or taking the joke too far with my awesome family. 



I’ve been active my whole life, and obsessed with two wheels ever since I can remember.  I started riding motorcycles when I was about 7 years old, and raced by the time I was 10, all the while playing catcher and quarterback for local YMCA teams.  I focused on racing motocross throughout my teens and early twenties, which led me to my next infatuation: bicycles.  I’ve raced mountain and road bikes over the last 14 years with great grassroots, non-profit, and national amateur teams.  I have benefitted from strong relationships and great opportunities through cycling, including the chance to translate my passion for and background in the industry into a sales role at Kahl and Partners.

Outside of work, I have an active family, including two young sons.  I ride whenever I can, which often comes after knocking out baseball, soccer, and basketball games, trips to the local BMX track and mountain bike trails, or kayaking at the family lake house.  We love to move and to be outdoors, which makes representing these seem like second nature!  Did I also mention that - like most of my friends, family and co-workers - I enjoy great coffee and craft beers?




I am a native Coloradan who was born and raised in Steamboat Springs. The deep snow of Steamboat draws me to the mountains in the winter, but when the weather is too warm to ski, I live in Golden. I grew up competing in both Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined events as a member of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. An inadvertent front flip on my jumping skis resulted in a broken collarbone and led me to retire from competing in those disciplines. I still find time to ski jump for fun when I can.  My primary focus today is on competitive cycling.  I currently race mountain bikes as a pro for Pabst/Mafia Racing and on the road for Team Cycleton.